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MMA Student Reviews from Birmingham, AL

The staff at Lionheart Academy Martial Arts have worked and trained with many people over the years. Here are some of the comments they have about us. Interested in learning more about what they are talking about? Contact us to take advantage of some of our new student enrollment offers by filling out the form at the bottom of the page or calling 205-572-5921.


"George led a self defense seminar for the high school girls at our church and did an excellent job. He combined simple, easy to apply techniques with practical strategies to avoid becomming a victim in the first place. Our girls were engaged the whole time and it definitely opened their eyes. We'll definitely have George back."
-David N.
"I started my martial arts career with George almost 10 yrs ago. I can honestly say that i could not have picked a better instructor/mentor to learn from. He is a first class instructor and his passion for BJJ can be felt from the second you enter the doors. He has an excellent ability to find a way to relate technique to you so you can understand it. His knowledge is vast and he is always training and pushing to expand his knowledge. If you are looking for a top class instructor, friendly atmosphere, and overall just a great place to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, then look no further. He is sorely missed here in VA!!"
-Steve T.
"My daughter and her friend took self defense lessons from George before leaving for college. They LOVED it! My daughter, just yesterday, thanked me again for those lessons - which were a year ago. She is very small... 4'11" and 95 pounds and feels prepared and aware because of George!"
-Janis R
"The head instructor George Wehby is amazing. The way he breaks all the techniques down & gives instructions is brilliant. He is very patient & takes the time with you to make sure you are successfully doing all the moves correctly. You can find a class with no problem if you have a busy schedule. The people here are super friendly & there are no BIG egos allowed. If you just want to get a serious workout this is your place. You can learn some serious self defense and also burn some major calories. It is not just for adults, kids can start as early as 4. I urge you to give this place a try. Give Coach George Wehby a call today! See you on the mats"
-Jondavid F.
"Two of my kids and I trained with George when he lived in Virginia, and out of all the trainers in the world who I had access to, he was the person I chose to host the cable television show, Personal Defense TV. At the gym, he is professional and personable and his skills are second to none. His ability to teach is one of the reasons I chose him to host the show. George works with everyone in the class and no one is left feeling "odd man out." The folks at the gym quickly become like family. Whether you need real personal defense ground skills, or are just looking for a fun and low-impact way to get and stay in shape, I can't think of anyone better to choose."
-Scott M.
"I can not say enough good things about George Wehby and The Lionheart Academy. Not only is he teaching my son great physical skills but he is also teaching him character."
-Brandy J.